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Senior Healthcare, Inc. is a healthcare per diem office, providing supplemental healthcare personnel, specifically nurses, paraprofessionals, and allied support services, to healthcare facilities and organizations in which quality, high standards, service, and price are of major concern. Our company philosophy has been and continues to be to provide quality healthcare services to all clients regardless of the care setting, diagnosis, or location.
Medical Office The company prides itself on building a business dedicated to the company vision.  Senior Healthcare, Inc. is exclusively healthcare.  Supplemental staffing in acute and sub-acute care hospitals, long-term care facilities, managed care organizations, and other providers of healthcare services in the community are our only focus. The understanding of your needs combined with our commitment to treat our clients and employees as "partners" is setting a new standard for success.
The synergy of Senior Healthcare, Inc. is resources combined with the vast experience and tradition of customer service you have come to expect.  Our sole focus since our inception has been to provide the healthcare community services that are:
About Senior Healthcare
As a leader in providing medical staffing and services to an array of health care facilities around the country, Senior Healthcare, Inc. has the best recruitment and retention programs for nurses, physicians, radiology technicians and other healthcare professionals. Our senior operations staff comprises mainly of tenured healthcare professionals, people with clinical experience, and having worked in hospitals, outpatient facilities, labs and long term care facilities.  Having this caliber of staff helps us provide the best and most qualified for your health care facility.
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